Monday, July 12, 2010

yesterdays backyard hoop

here is a video i took yesterday in the back yard. i didnt feel like i actually got into the song until about half through. it is hard to remind myself to be present with the hoop and just dance. i have a hard time finding things to do with my hands while the hoop is on my body. another note to self......SHUT YOUR MOUTH! i am going to tie my bottom lip to my forehead next time! it is just so hot out right now, like breathing underwater. i actually only hooped for about 45 min. yesterday because i was sweating so hard the hoop was slipping off.
on a funny note, yes those are maternity pants, and yes they do hang down to the backs of my knees, but they are sooooooo freakin' comfortable.
the song is by arcade fire, they are super fun to hoop to.


  1. that was awesome...3:30 on was especially cool!

  2. You rocked that hoop girl!! You've gotten so good so fast. Wow. I wish I could take a video of me WATCHING your video. Because I sit here like a smilin' fool the entire time...goofy grin. So happy you're hooping. That's a purdy hoop ya got there too. ;-) I miss you so much my heart hurts. Seeing you "live" doesn't help. But I love it. So make more hooping movies!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. xxoo

  3. I'm in awe. So frigging graceful it's making me so jealous. I haven't found time to practice much but when I do I can't move around at all with the hoop.

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