Thursday, January 13, 2011

keep on hoopin.

so i didnt get a chance to post yesterday about day 4, but i did i have hooped a good bit, but very sporadically.
as a hoop maker, i get lots of hoop time in after i make a new hoop. i can not help but take them for a test drive!!!! every hoop i make goes for at least a 10 minute session around my living room, at which point i remind myself that it is not mine, and i have to put it down. it breaks my heart every time....hehe. today i made a really fun shiny kids hoop....those might be my favorite to make, just because the size is perfect for a living room hoopla!
i am getting the winter time blues, and i am really craving some outside hoop time. i want to try some fun cartwheel maneuvers i have been seeing lately, and really want to experiment with movement.....that is very hard to do in a 8x6 space inside....
i will be posting a new tutorial before the weekend, a little turn sequence for the hoopstars who are starting to learn lifts and shoulder hooping. ill post more on that soon.

Monday, January 10, 2011

day 3

today was day 3 of the 30/30.
i hooped in the living room again today, there was 1/2 a foot of snow on the ground outside!!!! brrrrrrrrr!
i hooped slow today working on isolations, and reversals most of the time.
i did get a short video of the double shoulder rolls i am working on right now, ill try and edit and post that as soon as the snow melts, and i get back to a normal work schedule.

i would really like to set some goals for the 30 day challenge,
not to sound vain, but my first goal is really to shed about 10 pounds right off the hips.
i would also like to work on gracefulness, and flow.
i would like to really hone in on what my style is and experiment with open space.

ill check back in tomorrow!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

30/30 chalenge.

yesterday i started the 30/30 hoop challenge. i already love this! i am realizing the older i get that i need more and more direction to get anything done. so the challenge of a 30 day practice was exactly what i needed to jump start my hoop life again.
i would like to apply it to several areas of my life while i am at it!
ill be blogging a good bit over the next few weeks to keep track of progress, and making note of new insights.

today is day 2