Friday, February 4, 2011

in the process

i am so sorry i have been MIA lately. i feel like everything i am doing right now is in is a beautiful place to be, watching things unfurl, but a little crazy for me too.
i am in the process of re-newing my business license, working towards a fitness training certification, hosting a weekly hoop jam, and getting ready to start hoop classes in columbia. lots of stuff.....!
i am so grateful every day for all of the wonderfulness that is manifesting! all of the good friends that are surrounding me with support, and encouragement. i am also made aware of the fact that once you step into the business arena of anything you have got to get those ducks in a row and fast!!!!!
dont worry, my hoop and i are totally still madly in love!!!! i have found the special hoop....even though i have been hooping with her for months now i still havent given it a what do you think???? she is a 37" mirror silver hoop with a strip of white grip in her core. of course now she is a scuffed and worn in, but she is perfect! like laughing with an old friend.

so it is, the process is what takes us to where we are the most comfortable in our skins, our elements. i welcome this new process. i look forward to what is on the other side, and i need lots of people to kick my butt till i get through.

till then, i am in the process.