Monday, October 25, 2010

new hoops!!!

for the past few days i have been eyeball deep in tape, piping, and plastic couplers! i figured out how to make collapsible hoops, and i am completely sold out! i love these things, the way they are put together, the way they fold down, the way people stare at you when they see you bend that thing like it is is fun!
i have been blessed with some really awesome friends who are fully supporting my new love for all things hoopilicious!
this new path is so exciting, and lined with so many colorful people.
i wish i knew how to fly airplanes, i am having one of those write THANK YOU in the sky days.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


posture.....its what to work on next!
i was just watching over a couple of my favorite hoopers videos, and realized there is one thing that makes their flow seem flawless.....posture.
i used to be an avid yogini, but as of late i have let my yoga practice go by the wayside. i think it is time to pick it back up again, not only for the goodness of it, but i think it will help my hooping by a cadrillion times. (yes, i just made up that number).
for those of you who are hoopers, do you work on your posture specifically for hooping? by what means? how often? has it helped with your flow???? oooo questions questions questions!! hehe

love you all!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

just a friendly check in.....

wanted to check in and drop a quick note.....still hoopin', teaching at a weekly hoop session, and just trying to find the time to catch my breath.....hopefully i will be back full force super soon.....till then.