Wednesday, September 22, 2010

heading to vegas!

so i am heading to vegas for 5 days at the end of the week, and i am super stoked about the fact that i can still travel with my hoop....last go round i flew to chicago, and didnt have a problem, other than the awkward small spaces in the overhead compartments. ummmmm. but it still fit with a little push and wiggle. the only thing now is finding a place to hoop in vegas while i am there.....i am going to need a place to unwind after a stressful day, and a casino is the last place i wanna be. so where to hoop in the city of lights and "cha-ching"? ill bring back pictures.

Monday, September 20, 2010

hoop flow video pick of the day.

i was persusing hoopcity this morning, and stumbled on this fantastic video of amanda of hip flick hoops working on her flow in the gym....WHAT WHAT!!!! sit back, enjoy!

Monday, September 6, 2010

identity crisis....!

talk about perfect timing!
today i was having a very hard time wrapping my head around the fact that i may not be able to take my hoop with me on a trip i am going on later this month. even though i have a collapsible hoop, it will still be too much for me to carry on board the plane.....i was so upset by this sudden revelation that i started looking up travel hoops that break down into several pieces....while i could get one of the hoops in time, or maybe purchase a solid hoop there, and leave it (yes i have considered it), i started wondering why i was so eager to get a new hoop in time to take with me on this particular trip. i will only be gone for 4 days, i am sure i can survive without it. while perusing through my blog list tonight i came across this wonderfully written post on hooposophy. it pretty much sums it up.
will i still be looking for travel hoops? you better believe it! but i will keep this in my mind as i may have to put the hoop down for a few days.
have you come to a place where you identify yourself as a "hooper"? do you feel "naked" without a hoop nearby? how long did it take before you felt like hooping was a part of your life fabric?

i love yall bunches!!! rock those hoops!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


so i am noticing a progression in my hooping.... i started this hoop journey with a very simple approach to it....waist hooping.....trying hard just to keep it up. but as the months have progressed i have found so many different "styles" of hooping, and each one has its own appeal. it may be hoop dancing at its rawest form, or trying to perfect the ultimate "trick" technique, sustained spinning, or perfecting your flow.
i love this about never gets boring. i have life A.D.D! i move from one interest to another like it is my job! but hooping has so many different branches it is easy to flow right into another branch and incorporate it into your own practice.....make it your own style. do something new!
like tonight i was watching some sustained spinning videos, while i am not ready for it quite yet, i am completely mesmerized by it, and know at some point i will want to delve into that deep deep pool. (seriously look it up, that goes way back, like to the whirling dervishes of rumi.)
right now i feel like i am in a place in my practice where i need to be very aware of wether i am hooping for the wow factor or simply because it is an extension of me. i want to move more toward the latter. to move because that is what my body feels, that is what my heart means. i am learning new technique all along the way, but more to give my body the vocabulary it needs to speak a language it is learning.
so my question to you is.....where are you in your journey? are you in the technique junkie faze (this is a fun place to be!!!!) learning all the moves your bruised body can handle, are you settled into your routine, picking up new styles?????? how do you feel about your practice right now, do you see it moving in a new direction soon? what new motions have you spinning your heart out?

Fear not, Love all!