Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a mix of stuff..

a bit of todays session.


  1. Dang! You're good! like the music too...

    Hey? did I ever tell you thanks for turning me on to TVWM (Jamie)? Love her blog.. and I found her through you.. so THANKS!

  2. awwww thanks for the hoop love annie! i was trying to get in some of the new stuff i have been working on..that last bit was part of a movement that has been kicking my butt...it is called the ragekitty...seriously go look it up on youtube!
    im so glad you found TVWM she is one of my favorites!!! i feel like i know her in real life.

    keep on rockin mama

  3. You so rock it! I would be jealous, but instead I will just bask in the awesome-ness that is knowing that I get to be friends with a chick who can hoola hoop on her elbow!!