Monday, September 6, 2010

identity crisis....!

talk about perfect timing!
today i was having a very hard time wrapping my head around the fact that i may not be able to take my hoop with me on a trip i am going on later this month. even though i have a collapsible hoop, it will still be too much for me to carry on board the plane.....i was so upset by this sudden revelation that i started looking up travel hoops that break down into several pieces....while i could get one of the hoops in time, or maybe purchase a solid hoop there, and leave it (yes i have considered it), i started wondering why i was so eager to get a new hoop in time to take with me on this particular trip. i will only be gone for 4 days, i am sure i can survive without it. while perusing through my blog list tonight i came across this wonderfully written post on hooposophy. it pretty much sums it up.
will i still be looking for travel hoops? you better believe it! but i will keep this in my mind as i may have to put the hoop down for a few days.
have you come to a place where you identify yourself as a "hooper"? do you feel "naked" without a hoop nearby? how long did it take before you felt like hooping was a part of your life fabric?

i love yall bunches!!! rock those hoops!


  1. Have you thought about getting on Hoop City and just asking if you could borrow a hoop while you're there? Worth a try! :)

    Or, why don't you make a smaller collapsible hoop? A 38" would surely fit in a carry on. They are so easy to make. It's an idea.

    I loved Lara's post as well. I've noticed that I start to feel a bit panicked if I don't have my hoop near me. At a recent BBQ, I had my hoops out and I felt all warm and fuzzy when I had one in my hands, even if I wasn't hooping. It's so weird how we can become so connected to these inanimate objects...these plastic rings with tape on them :)

    I feel like I knew almost immediately that hooping would consume me and that it would always be a part of my life. I haven't wanted to pursue something new like that in a LONG time. Knitting? No thanks. Snowboarding? No. Hooping? Yes please.
    It's here to stay.

  2. i have done it! i successfully traveled with my collapsible to chicago, with no problem. plus i have a super great side yard at the b&b where we are staying! already working on some new techniques, and Milo loves watching me hoop in the room while we are chillin'.

  3. I'm not "there" yet.. a hooper... having it be a part of my fabric.. but I have a bit of envy for you and Sara's uhmmmm relationship with the hoop.. LOL.. and dad gum it! we were in chicago at the same time! I was there the 8th-10th!! Have a super hooper trip!

  4. oooooooooo i hate that i missed you annie!
    i think your relationship with the hoop grows with the amount of time you put into it. that and the level of obsessiveness you are willing to exhibit...hahahaha! its all about the journey!