Wednesday, December 15, 2010

im not the only one....

so for the past couple of days i have been trying my hand at hooping in stillness. caroleena the magnificent posted a challenge and it has been on my mind day and tonight i finally put up the camera, get it all set, get my music going and start to is going good......sort of......and then i hear my husband SKIPPING down the hall (he wont admit to this). he's giddy with delight at the new application he has downloaded onto his new ipod touch, which he got for his soon to be birthday.
please enjoy.
if you just want to see my husband skip to the very end.

yes, oh yes, that is a light saber....i here by renounce my rights to the biggest kid in the house!!!!

happy almost birthday my love!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

oooooooo i hope you didnt miss it!

i hope you didnt miss the preview of spiral and richs' hoop technique video a couple of days ago! it was brilliant in epic proportions!!! they only gave us a 24 hour taste of the beauty that is going to be packed into this 2 disk bundle of amazing.....
if you did see the demo.....then i know you are still picking your jaw up off of the floor...
if you didnt get to see it....i am so sorry, and to make you feel a little better, i will link the video of the day in honor of spiral!

love you all!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm gonna 'splode!

i can just picture my 3 year old saying this in her cute little voice....and it is exactly how i feel!
i feel like i could 'splode with gratitude! the past couple of weeks have been so busy, and so wonderful! i have been hooping and making hoops like a crazy woman! then to top it all off some really beautiful ladies gave me the biggest pat on the back ever!

for some reason i just assume that everyone in the world knows my girl Sara. she is the most exquisite woman! she is an encourager of the rarest breed! a few months ago i had the pleasure of having the best conversation with her about venturing out into this new facet of my life. she was soooo helpful, and pretty much gave me the pep talk of the year!!!! thank you so much sara!!! a few months ago she also asked me to do the most wonderful thing ever as far as i am concerned, she asked me to write a guest spot for one of her blogs.....once again if you know sara you know she is the blog QUEEN, so to step in and write for her was such an honor! you can read the blog entry here.

i also have recently made a new friend via social networking who is quite extraordinary. Shannon is the owner of a jewelry shop in jacksonville florida, mom, and sister hooper. she contacted me a few weeks ago about an email newsletter she sends out to her customers. you can see it about gonna 'splode!!! i am looking forward to getting a piece of shannons beautiful jewelry soon!

i am completely overwhelmed with the support and love that has been coming from all over the place, and grateful for such good friends who are teaching me everyday what it means to pour yourself out for others! may it flow right back around like the hoops on our hips!