Sunday, August 15, 2010

loose it all babay!!!!

today i grabbed my hoop and headed to the backyard for a much needed session. popped in the amazing cd sara made for me, and shook it like a mad woman.....
i am trying my hardest right now to teach my body to hoop the other way.....i have no desire for the 3 pack abs. so for a good bit of tonight's practice i hooped to the right. it is very much like starting all over again, but the concepts are a little easier to get this go round.
but what made todays hooping spectacular was that at some point around song 6 my skirt fell there i was in my back yard in my tank top and undies! normally i would be a little self conscious about this, but we have a privacy fence, and my undies look very much like boy shorts, soooooo my clothes stayed off. this was when practice got good! i could pull of maneuvers that i have never been able to land with pants or a skirt on. my leg hooping got about 150% better! i could even do a kick start for the first time without feeling like i was trying to beat myself to death by way of my ankles. i kicked legs out of the hoop, and got them back in again with ease, did switches, and reverses. it was great!!!! once i did put my skirt back on my muscles already had the concepts down, and i could rock it with my skirt on.....i just had to let my skin hold the hoop. it added the grip i needed to let my body work out the movements. i highly recommend taking another layer off during your next hoop session, or rock some short shorts.
who knows maybe one day i will suck up my pride and rock some of those furry leg warmers that some hoopers wear....i for the life of me cant figure out what purpose they serve, but who knows maybe they help with all sorts of stuff.....
as soon as i get a chance i want to post a picture of my dirty dirty feet, the fruit of a good hoop session in the yard.

so if you have, what changes did you make to your wardrobe that helped you move to the next level of your hoop practice?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the most beautiful thing ever!!!!

thanks to the fabulous hooposophy blog i came across this video, please go check out the post she wrote up about telling stories with our hoops!!! unbelievable!
this video made me cry and giggle all in its very short time span....enjoy!