Thursday, January 13, 2011

keep on hoopin.

so i didnt get a chance to post yesterday about day 4, but i did i have hooped a good bit, but very sporadically.
as a hoop maker, i get lots of hoop time in after i make a new hoop. i can not help but take them for a test drive!!!! every hoop i make goes for at least a 10 minute session around my living room, at which point i remind myself that it is not mine, and i have to put it down. it breaks my heart every time....hehe. today i made a really fun shiny kids hoop....those might be my favorite to make, just because the size is perfect for a living room hoopla!
i am getting the winter time blues, and i am really craving some outside hoop time. i want to try some fun cartwheel maneuvers i have been seeing lately, and really want to experiment with movement.....that is very hard to do in a 8x6 space inside....
i will be posting a new tutorial before the weekend, a little turn sequence for the hoopstars who are starting to learn lifts and shoulder hooping. ill post more on that soon.


  1. I'm doing the 30/30 in my living room, too, sliding the recliner back and forth :) It's starting to get where as soon as I get home from work I want to pick up the hoop and get right to it!

    Thanks for posting your updates... I'm gonna do a weekly wrap up starting Monday morning just as a little push to make me do it everyday. Good luck with your weight loss! I KNOW you can do it :)

  2. thanks jenna! i hear you about wanting to pick your hoop right up! every time i pass through my dinning room (where i keep my hoops) i cant help but pick one up! even if it is only for a second. my hands are just drawn to them!

    have fun with your 30/30!!!!

  3. I've sent you a friend request on FB. I'd like to buy a hoop. I'm also interested in some of your Henna artwork on me if you are still doing that too.

  4. hey rhonda! i sent you a message! im looking forward to meeting up!