Monday, July 26, 2010

blind hooping.

so i decided like i posted earlier to incorporate the blind fold into my hoop time today.
let me just start out by saying that my world has been officially rocked to the core! i had no idea!!!!
i cant even begin to describe where you go when you cant see the hoop, only feel it. i became someone else, somewhere else. but was totally present at the same time. the music was playing and i could feel it on my skin, direction was irrelevant. even gravity sort of are very aware of your center of balance, that doesnt mean that i stayed balanced by any means though...hehe.
i guess from hooping for the past few months my muscles responded to moves from memory and i could spin the hoop and catch it in new ways based on what i was seeing with my imagination. moving felt 100% more fluid.
somewhere about 30 minutes into the session i felt an overwhelming surge of emotion, and started crying....seriously crying!!!! it wasnt happy or sad crying, just a welling up that had to be released. i felt free to make really weird noises when i moved into funny it was an extension of the felt good to jump and not know when my feet were going to hit the ground but could still feel the hoop swirling around my shoulders.
i am exhausted! this was the most intense hoop experience yet. my body feels like i have been swimming in the ocean all day, you know that red eyed loose muscle feeling. yep, that's it.
so anyways....go get your blindfolds and hoop with your imagination. it is unbelievable!


  1. Wow... sounds innnnnnnntense! I cry everytime I have a massage... every.single.time... love your description of the experience.. I say Hoop On sister.. Hoop On (I'm eyeing my "sleeping blindfold" I use at night... mmmmmmm)

  2. the very first day when I could barely keep the hoop going for ten rotations, I was out at night, under the moon and I just closed my eyes and let my body feel what was happening. Somehow that pushed me through to find the way my body needed to move. I had to quit looking with my eyes and start feeling with my body. This is a new experience for me. One that I have needed though. So much of this hooping journey is about body acceptance for me, connecting with my body.