Tuesday, July 27, 2010

slow movement.

today i hooped blindfolded again for a very short time, and filmed some of it before it started raining. i was really feeling this song while i was in the house earlier, hooping pretty hard to it, and figured i would take it outside......i enjoyed dancing to it, but i wasnt feeling it in the open space. like i had too much room to move with the music....it made me feel off balance and i couldnt figure out where my body wanted to move. but here it is none-the-less. the music is rosyln by bon iver and st. vincent. i am surprised by effect of space on the music and the flow of the dance.....ill have to play around with this some more.....


  1. R u kidding me?? That was fan-freaking-tastic!!... except when you went out of frame and I found myself moving my laptop to get you back.. LOL.. seriously... super floooooow!

  2. hahahaha....annie, i totally did the same thing when i went back to watch it. i was like, "uh, what did i do then????"
    thanks for the encouragement!!!!!

  3. Ooooh so lovely. Your flow is so beautiful. I have to say that I am totally jealous of your big private backyard practice space. I haven't been hooping much lately because the campground we are at is super tight and has literally thousands of people walking on the trail about 10 feet in front of the RV. Not so great for blindfolded hooping :)

    I did hoop for a bit the other night and was pretty much the spectacle of the entire park. Seriously. Stop staring! It's just a hula hoop people! :) ha.

    Looking forward to getting to Bozeman to hoop in the park with my ladies. Wanna come join me? :) So sad you can't come to Hoop Technique with me. Boo. Love you. xxoo