Monday, July 26, 2010

paddles and stalls

i have a new hoop crush....oh yes, yet another.....this week i am stalking baxter....yes the baxter of hoop path. this guy rocks my world...."dont worry beardy man, you are still the only one for me ; )". actually i am just completely mesmerized by his flow. he hoops blindfolded, and has this technique that is sort of his calling card called paddling. it is actually a fairly easy technique to work into a hoop dance, and looks freakin' awesome!!!! here is a sample of what i am talking about.....

i havent hooped blindfolded yet, but i will probably do that in my hoop time tonight. i have hooped with my eyes closed and it is a very different experience. a very tactile yet inner vibration sort of feeling.

i want to say thanks to sara once again for telling some of the new followers about my blog. so new followers, what is inspiring you right now?????


  1. Im not a good hooper.. still waist hooping... popping arms in and out.. dropping the hoop.. I still can't hoop an entire song.. but sometimes... sometimes I hit the grooooooove... everything aligns and it's soooo simple... and feels so good... not forced.. not tense.. just rhythmic... groovin... the paddling thang looks cool...

  2. Hey there,

    I'm following you via my google reader.

    This is awesome!

    I just got my first hoop about a month ago. It came collapsed and never rounded out properly so I went and bought material to make my own. Almost my whole family is hooping now.

    Sometimes, watching other people hoop inspires me and other days it frustrates me because I doubt my body will ever move like that. I just don't feel that graceful, that in tune. But I don't care. I will hoop anyway for how it makes me feel.

    For the most part, I am just waist hooping and have learned to shrug it up to my neck and back down. The most important thing to me is just to move every day with my hoop and to allow it shape me.

  3. You & Sara both are inspiring me at the moment along with a few youtube videos. I've been hooping about 3 months now & have finally learned a few tricks that make me not feel like "just a girl with a hoop" (maybe that's what I'll call myself, though).

    I had a private lesson in the backwoods of NC last weekend and it was awesome; I came away from that feeling like maybe I'm definitely onto something by having this hoop as an extension of my life & spirit. Hooping outside is awesome and I'm reading of your blindfolded hooping...I often hoop with my eyes closed and it definitely brings a new level to the whole experience. An "experience" is definitely what hooping is, have to experience it.

    BTW, Sara mentioned on her blog recently that you are in SC-that's where I'm from originally and I was bummed that I couldn't find anyone near me when I was home last, who hooped. Are you in the upstate or lowcountry?


  4. i cant believe i didnt see these posts before now....sorry i didnt comment sooner!!! i am so glad yall are here!!!
    the hoop def. becomes an extension of us, and that is what is so fun to learn on this whole journey! that it is okay to move at our own pace, and work with what we have at the learn to speak with our bodies, and release things in ways we couldn't before!
    kristy, i am still in sc, about an hour west of myrtle beach. i would love to get together if you are ever in the area!!! there are a couple of hoop groups here in sc. none in this town, but hopefully soon!