Saturday, July 3, 2010

what am i working on????

so i figured i would post the tricks i am working on right now, and hopefully get a chance to come back and post some video footage.....i wanted to post some youtube tutorials on the moves, but cant find the ones i am looking for.....but alas
tonight i wrestled with the double shoulder hoop, and the double behind the back pass....ill get video soon. i am feeling more comfortable with the barrel rolls, and the walk through, going to the left and the right. my single shoulder hoop is cleaning up nicely, but i still cant get that dagblasted behind the back elbow pass!!!!!!! BAH!!!!! tips, please!!!!!


  1. just a note, got the elbow pass today, just a matter of changing the direction of the hoop spin.....saweeeeeet!

  2. I saw that on your video and I said "ooooooooohhhhh!!" The direction changing thing is what got it for me too. It's awesome how those tiny little things make such a difference.

    Oh, and I wanted to tell you to fly to Boulder on August 6-7 for the Hoop Technique workshop. K? K.

  3. hmmmmmm...considering........