Monday, July 19, 2010

getting down and dirty!!!!

that is right, that is what my hoop dance looked like tonight.....
tonight's dance may have been the most fun practice yet! i hooped for about 30 minutes and worked on some new isolations, and got a really cool spin in down pat, then i decided i would get down. literally! i did hoop headstands, and ended up on the ground rolling around like a kitten with a ball of yarn. it was glorious!!!!! i hooped with my feet, and did back bends and rolled in the grass with the hoop balanced on my feet and knees. i kicked it up, and caught it with my feet. i wiggled and wobbled like a gyroscope. i can not even explain the creativity that burst out by hitting the ground! i had some sigur ros playing and i felt like a beautiful acrobat rolling about with limbs spinning in all directions. i am definitely going to allot some time out of every session to ground work, i think it is almost more freeing than standing hoop dance.
i cant wait to get back in the hoop tomorrow!

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