Tuesday, November 2, 2010

who are you in the hoop?

i love to role play in my hoop dance time. the perfect song + a different you= beautiful things. you get to step out for a bit, see things from a new perspective, move differently than you normally would, and focus on something other than your day to day.
today in my short hoop time i was enjoying one of sigur ros' older albums, and i was transported......i became a tribal hunter and the hunted all at the same time.....my hoop, a bow, my hoop, my camouflage. it was what it needed to be during the dance.
if i am not feeling very graceful i can dance like i am a clumsy two left footed lump, and it starts to feel right. why not flow with how you feel? instead of putting the hoop down, just go with it, you never know where you body may take you today.

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