Monday, November 1, 2010

support.....we needs it!

if there is one thing so far on my hoop journey that has pushed me further, made me go deeper, and taught me more, it is SUPPORT!
if it wasnt for a sweet friend showing me the awesomeness that is hooping, then sending me my first hoop i never would have started on this path. i have needed my family, my husband who is okay with his wife stepping out for an hour or more most nights to crank up the music in the back yard and dance like a wild woman (he says the pleasure is all his :). ) i have needed my friends who show so much encouragement and excitement when i get all geeky about my hoops, and who even have been so courageous as to try new things with me! i have needed the people who got excited with me and come out weekly to dance in the dark! i need the new friends who have trusted me enough to give me the absolute pleasure of making hoops just for them! the thought of being a part of their special hoop time fills me up to the top. i have needed the friends and family who stand behind me when i say i want to teach this beautiful art!

i am finding that the hooping community is chocked full of beautiful people who are pretty much knit together with the love of movement, a simple plastic hoop, and the support of people who understand it. once again, i am overwhelmed with the prospects of what hooping has, and can bring into revolutions in my life, physically and metaphorically.

so please be encouraged, we are here, we understand! go get that hoop on! find that flow! spin to your bliss!


  1. Yeah!!! I love that!! I'm still rockin' the waist hooping... LOL.. but I'm having fun.. learning about myself.. and the only hoopers i "know" are here in this virtual world.. but I am no less appreciative! SPIN ON!

  2. thanks annie! yeah girl, you keep on hoopin'! we learn right where we are just like you said! when it is time to move on it'll happen! if you need any help with a particular technique i would be more than willing to help in anyway! rock on girl!!!

  3. i love you! ...and want to be just like you when i grow up!!! ;) day, i will meet you in the woods for some moonlight hoopin'