Tuesday, November 16, 2010

hoopin' holiday love!!!

hey all hoopers, and future hoopers....(i know you are out there!)
i have had the privilege of opening my arms wide open to hoop making. i LOVE it! i love every bit of it from beginning to end! i get giddy every time i get a new shipment of shiny new hoop tape in, and something tells me i always will!

so i wanted to list a few of my old and new creations here for perusing! hoops make great presents, they are inexpensive, classic toys that get kids and adults up and off the couch!!!! the homemade hoops of today aren't your average toy store hula hoops. they are made of denser tubing, hand taped, and no two are alike! A lot of time and love go into each hoop. Not to mention the huge amount of gratitude that i have every time get to make someone their own one of a kind hoop.

if you see one you would like please follow the facebook link to the right and send me a message. if you dont have a facebook account you can contact me at morninglilli@yahoo.com.
for the holidays my kids hoops start at $15 and vary according to decorative tapes
adult hoops start at $25 and vary according to tapes and collapsibility. (all hoops that are shipped will need to be collapsible to keep shipping down).

looking for something with some christmas flair?

or maybe something a little flashy....

you can also incorporate fancy ribbons!!!

or make it glow in the dark!!!

a special something for a special someone....

and all hoops come tagged and decorated with a little something from my craft nook!

i have all sorts of colors and can make your hoop in any size, even custom make one for your experience level.

all hoops come with 2 hoop tape colors, and a grip tape standard.
extra hoop tape colors or grip tape are $2.00 a color.
sparkle tapes are $5 extra on small hoops, $7.50 on larger hoops.
glow in the dark strips are 4 for a $1.00
full glow hoops are $15 extra.
to make any hoop collapsible is only $5.00 (this makes for cheaper shipping, and easy storage and travel!)
with every hoop comes a card with my personal youtube channel web address, where i regularly post short tutorials to help you with hoop technique and tips for hoop fitness.

thanks to all for the support that has already come from all over the place!

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