Tuesday, June 29, 2010

its a new blog!!!!

completely inspired by my sweet friend sara "strong heart" i have decided to make my own little hoop page, to journal my own hoop journey, and maybe inspire others to step out and try something different. a couple of months ago i learned at the ripe ole age of 31 how to push a hoop around my hips. sara got me started on my hoop journey in more ways than one. pretty much every day since i have been spotted in my yard, pumping, swooping, bumping, and hooping, for at least an hour, most days more. i have set a goal to learn at least one trick a week. i try it, get bruises, try it some more, get knocked in the face, try it again, break my sunglasses, try it till that magic moment where.......it happens!!!!! of course then i do the happy dance, and i trip on something, and cant do it again, but at least i get it that once. na, over and over again, i keep at it till it works, then i can put on some music and it just happens without thinking about it. i love that place. the music is playing, no one is watching, the grass is cool, my feet are dirty. that first shove is hard, or smooth depending on the tune, then around it goes. i turn with the hoop as it sends me somewhere else, time slows for a second. then the hoop shimmies its way up my arms to my shoulders like it has a mind of its own. all i can feel is my feet in time and where the hoop hits at the corners of my body. i round out to give it a smooth run. i am pretty sure that at some point the spinning will cause the universe to shift, and i rotate like a dervish, one hand open palmed facing the sky, the other grounded, with my foot planted and my face painted transfixed on the inside of the ring. i hold tight as the hoop slides up over my body and threatens to take me with it into the sky. in a game of tug of war i pull it back down as it floats back up in a vortex of pure spinning delight. this goes on for what seem like hours. the dance broke by a whirlwind of color and giggles as the hoop goes flying across the yard chasing after the dog or crashing into a tree. how do you not smile, how do you not laugh? here is to the journey.


  1. I too love to hoop, I started about 2 years ago and sometimes I hoop a lot and sometimes I'm way too busy. It is so much fun to hoop! I will enjoy reading about your hooping FUN♥♥♥

  2. YAY!!!! im so glad you're here, i wont feel so lonely now....hehehe!

  3. Oooooh yay!!!! Love it! Can't wait to read of your hoop adventures. I love you mama. And someday, we shall go here: http://www.santosa-retreat.com/Santosa/Hoop_Retreat.html

    Or here: http://www.bodyhoops.com/Costa_Rica_Hoop_Retreat_p/crhrd.htm

    Miss you

  4. holy cow!!!! how do real people afford stuff like that??? but i would love to do the hoop certification/surf lesson in santosa, so freaking cool!!!!

  5. Hello,

    So glad I stumbled onto your blog! At 41, I have just started hooping; took a class on Sunday and am working on moving the hoop up over my head then back down to my waist. Do you use a weighted hoop? I keep getting tangled up in my hoop when I bring it down, but I guess it's like anything else, practice practice practice. I look forward to reading the rest of your blog.