Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i have decided.

i have decided i want to hoop for a living, and dance all day, and i pretty much want to do it just like this lady.....
someone please tell me how she moves in reverse!!!!
totally freaking me out!!!! but seriously, this is
what makes me pick up my hoop everyday. i love going
through sharnas videos and seeing her progression
i can see the moves i make now are very similar to
hers when she was starting out, and it helps me to
stay focused on moving forward. she pushes the
limits with the hoop, and moves her body in sometimes
very awkward ways just to make something happen the
way she wants it. i love it! she has a few videos
where it looks like she is hooping just to work something
out of her system, like a woman on a mission. i half
smile and half wince for her as she moves so fast and
furious that i am sure she will break something.
i want to challenge myself like that. to be diligent,
to look ahead, and not be afraid to move into awkward
places, not just in my hoop life, because
you never know it might be the next move in
the right direction.


  1. Oooooh heck yes. Love me some Sharna. Her Glory Days video is awesome. I can TOTALLY see you hooping for a living. So....get your booty out to Santa Cruz in September and come to hoop camp with me!! Oooooohhhh we would have too much fun. :)

  2. honey, if i thought i could i would be out there in a heart beat!!!! i may have to start saving up for a trip....:)

  3. Becky, first of all... i can TOTALLY see you getting down with your hoop like she does! secondly, that was freaking AMAZING! which brings me to #3.... CALL ME/EMAIL ME/COME PICK ME UP and teach me how to work the hoop!!!!

  4. i love sharna rose too..she inspires and breaks things down well in tutorials...yes i do love sharna rose.